Comparing our stats to worldwide stats might help us target our 'publicity'.

As an aside, this link has our current statistics. Although we are still in infancy (250 visits/day and we need 2,000 to launch), so take this with a grain of salt, it shows about 70% of visits are from the US (assuming I'm reading it correctly). Stackexchange overall is about 1/3 US and this is probably more representative of where we will end up.

I could not find data explicitly on genealogy worldwide and I confess I'm US-centric so my experience has mostly been with US-centric genealogists. I did find myheritage's membership map. It is a non-us-based company with 64 million members. I couldn't find the by-country split but the US is large enough they treat each state like a country. Judging the height of the bars, I'd guess myheritage's 64M members have similar stats to the se stats ie that US is largest but not a majority.

I couldn't find the by-country stats for the Association of Professional Geneaologists but that would be useful to have since we are targeting experts during the beta.

How many genealogists are there and where are they worldwide by country?


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Some genealogical societies give their memberships on their websites:

e.g. If I look up "800 members" genealogy society on Google, it gives:

  • Toronto Branch of Ontario Genealogical Society
  • (Scottish) Borders Family History Society
  • Texas Jewish Historical Society
  • Ottawa Branch - Ontario Genealogical Society
  • Dallas Genealogical Society
  • and a host of others

Assuming there are about 800 people in a population of 2 million that are involved enough in genealogy in Canada or the United States to join a society, then with 300 million people in those two countries, they might have 120,000 serious genealogists.

You could do a similar analysis for the rest of the world, and I suspect there would be way more since there's 20 times the population and probably more interest per capita in Europe.

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