The Weekly Topic Challenge enters its fourth week and this week's challenge is:

to identify details in an old photograph that you need help with.

The photographs will preferably be of an individual (or small group) and include any details that your research already suggests about who it may be, and where and when it was taken.

Additional information like a scan of the reverse side should be included wherever possible, as well as how you came to be in possession of the photo, etc.

Looking back, examples of the types of question that I am thinking of are:

We will use a tag of for these questions so that we know they have been submitted as part of the challenge.

Note: This tag is designed to just be used to tally up the questions that come as part of the challenge and then those questions will be re-tagged to something more appropriate.

Next week, on 14 Nov, I will tally up the results to see how we did.

We are running out of challenge topics so I encourage everyone to try to contribute a new one at Vote for the next Topic Challenge!

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During the week the challenge ran, the following questions about Unidentified Photographs were asked:

These 3 questions attracted only 1 answer (at least it was an accepted one) and while I could award the asker of all three questions this award, he is also the organizer, so instead it goes to someone who contributed the only, and excellent, answer:

profile for Rusty Erpenbeck at Genealogy & Family History Stack Exchange, Q&A for expert genealogists and people interested in genealogy or family history

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