The Weekly Topic Challenge enters its sixth week and this week's challenge is:

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Wills are an especially rich source of names, which is a great way to jumpstart cluster or FAN (friends, associates, neighbors) research. Even something as simple as an entry in the National Probate Index can provide important clues.

Looking back, examples of such questions are:

We will use a tag of for these questions coupled with their asking date so that we know they have been submitted as part of the challenge.

Next week, on 28 Nov, I will tally up the results to see how we did.

We have a few spare challenge topics so I encourage everyone to vote for which we do next at Vote for the next Topic Challenge!

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During the week the challenge ran, the following questions about Probate were asked:

These 2 questions attracted 3 answers (none yet accepted but all very helpful) and this week I want to recognize an answerer who has provided some legal insights (at least to me):

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