The Weekly Topic Challenge enters its seventh week and this week's challenge is:

What about tutorials on old scripts / old handwriting?

Use this challenge to pull out those hard to read Wills, Letters and other documents, and post questions about the words or groups of words that you are struggling to read and understand the meaning of.

A picture cropped from your document(s) will definitely be needed for this challenge!

Note: Please do not ask for transcriptions of whole documents.

Also, feel free to post questions about palaeography in general like Is there a transcription standard that separates unclear words from added words?

Looking back, examples of questions we are looking for this week are:

We will use a tag of for these questions coupled with their asking date so that we know they have been submitted as part of the challenge.

Next week, on 5 Dec, I will tally up the results to see how we did.

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During the week the challenge ran, only one question was asked about deciphering old handwriting:

This question attracted just one answer which was both highly upvoted and accepted which makes the decision on who to recognize this week easy:

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