I've noted an interesting difference between the two filters on the main page.

The main set of filters on the same level as the Genealogy and Family History header are: Questions Tags Users Badges Unanswered Ask Question

Underneath that, if you are viewing the list of questions on the main page, across from where it says All Questions the choices are: newest frequent votes active unanswered

If you choose "unanswered" from the selections on the banner, you get a list of questions where the number of answers = 0.

If you choose "unanswered" from the "all questions" row, the top result is a question with an answer (disclaimer: answered by me, but I'm not fishing for upvotes here):

What does “Containing by Estimation Seven Days' Work” mean in 1810 Land Auction advertisement?

Is this a feature, or a bug? Does the question still rate as 'unanswered' on the main page because the only answer so far has zero upvotes?


It is a feature (not bug) and the graphics below will illustrate why:

enter image description here

enter image description here

Note how the discrepancy in count is explained by the red text in the top graphic.

Personally, I think the top Unanswered button might be better named something else to avoid confusion - perhaps Priority because we do not want good questions to go unanswered; good answers to go un-upvoted and/or unaccepted; and any others showing up there going uncommented, unedited or unclosed.

Today I have posted a feature request on Meta SE for https://meta.stackexchange.com/questions/247662/changing-name-of-first-unanswered-button-to-perhaps-priority

Also, if it is the lower graphic showing a slightly higher count than the top one then that is explained in the answer to Discrepancy in the number of "questions with no accepted or upvoted answers" on Meta SE.

  • Interesting. Using Iceweasel 32.0.3 (a branded variant of Firefox) and choosing Questions from the top bar and unanswered on the lower filter, I get 45 questions with no explanatory red text. NoScript is set to allow all from stackexchange.com and to allow all this page. – Jan Murphy Mod Jan 27 '15 at 23:28

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