If you have Canadian ancestors and some unsolved questions regarding their genealogy and your family history here's your chance to try and clear them up!

The latest Topic Challenge, which will run for about two weeks comes from @JanMurphy:

One thing I have neglected so far is research in Canada, in part because the I am missing a lot of 'obvious' records like passenger lists that weren't kept during the period I need them. I would love to see more Q/As about Canadian research so I can learn more about record groups I may have missed.

To whet your appetite for the task our current top two frequently visited questions on Canada are:

and for those looking to answer rather than ask, we currently have two unanswered questions on Canada:

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I wish I could help here. Living in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada and doing genealogy all my life, you would think I'd know something.

But my experience is limited to specific areas of Saskatchewan and Manitoba, ship arrivals in Halifax, and bits of info from the Canadian Archives and Censuses that pertain to Saskatchewan and Manitoba.


At the end of this topic challenge three new questions related to it had appeared:

They attracted only one answer, that has been accepted, so thank you to those who participated.

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