At the moment we have a tag .

Since building is both a noun and a verb, I think it might be clearer to have the tag be either or . If not, I would like to see the current tag be changed to to make it clearer that the tag refers to a structure.

New users searching for the word "building", who don't know yet how to search for the tag, are likely to get many, many instances of the verb "building". I would like to see the old tag direct to the new tag, whatever we choose.

As far as I can see, House History is the better-known term, at least in England (note the currently-suspended Twitter chat #HouseHistoryHour and its website HouseHistoryHour).

However, we might want to choose building history instead to make it clear that commercial buildings as well as houses are included.

Should the tag be:

In any case, we need to write advice for the tag we'll use ( doesn't have any) and perhaps make the unused choices tag synonyms to what we finally decide on.

Your thoughts?

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I think you should go ahead and create a tag for as a rename (using the moderator's merge tool) of and leaving that as a synonym.

I don't think we need to worry about making the other two (yet to be used) tags into synonyms because anyone looking for a "building*" tag will get redirected to .

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