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Writing canonical question for finding living descendants of person?

The question that prompted this: Finding descendants of Jamaican immigrant to England We have several "I want to find the descendants of [name]" questions on the site, some of which have been closed ...
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DNA Surprise Questions

We are getting an awful lot of questions about DNA surprises. People who are adopted finding potential bio family, people who are discovering that their parentage or that of close relatives isn't ...
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What to do about "original spelling of my surname" question?

Finding original spelling of Polish name Vazuka which was anglicized on arrival to US? currently has 4 close votes and a comment suggesting it is a duplicate to Determining correct spelling of Polish ...
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Should we have a canonical resource (or series of them) about the records available for a particular locale?

We get a fair few questions that boil down to 'Where can I look for records for genealogical events in country X?', or where some of the answers provide a list of resources to consult. They're ...
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Why might intended Canonical Q&A on Relationship Mapping have net downvote?

Today we had another relationship-mapping question: How are people who descend from same person related? I went to make it a duplicate of the Community Wiki Q&A (Seeking English term for ...
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Do we need a community wiki / canonical "hire a professional" Question and Answer?

Certain questions fall outside our site guidelines because they might involve tracking living or very-recently-deceased individuals. Should we write a community wiki / canonical answer about how to ...
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