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Proposed FAQ content (final draft)

Based on the work done at Content for the main site FAQ first block (What kind of questions can I ask here)?, I'm proposing to update our FAQ page as follows (with corresponding changes to the About ...
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Content for the main site FAQ first block (What kind of questions can I ask here)?

I propose we start substantive work on populating the important first block of our FAQ: What kind of questions can I ask here? The section will no doubt evolve and change as our community does, but it'...
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How might we encourage members to include either their general location or similar information in their profile?

A lot of us are just getting used to this exciting international community Q&A. At least some of us are used to asking questions on/in local or regional boards and forums. Is it within the ...
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How can we word the FAQs to make clear the site policy on list questions?

We should decide and make clear what list questions (if any) are appropriate on and which are not. And what should be done to make a good question from a question that may have a list ...
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First section link in the FAQ is broken [closed]

The "What kind of questions can I ask here?" link in the right navbar on the main FAQ page is broken for me. Its causing a JavaScript error when clicked.
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What should our FAQ contain?

Per question #2 of The 7 Essential Meta Questions of Every Beta, what should our FAQ contain? Critical issues that the FAQ needs to address: Asking for research help Product Support Laundry Lists