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new tag proposal: house-history or building-history

At the moment we have a tag building. Since building is both a noun and a verb, I think it might be clearer to have the tag be either building-history or house-history. If not, I would like to see ...
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Should we have tags "ashkenazi" and "jews"?

I added a new tag ashkenazi for a question I posted. As many of you know, people of Ashkenazi descent have special issues with interpreting DNA relatedness, due to their ancestors' endogamy. I'm now ...
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Making status-animarum synonym of vital-records?

Can someone please suggest status-animarum be a synonym for vital-records? I'd suggest it myself, but my reputation does not permit.
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Make [headstone] a synonym of [grave-marker]?

headstone and grave-marker both exist. grave-marker has more uses and even a tag wiki description, so I assume we would make headstone a synonym of grave-marker.
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When should we setup tag synonyms?

I'm Grace Note, a Stack Exchange Community Coordinator. I was asked by users of this site to give some advice on tag synonyms - when they should be made, when they should be declined, and the general ...
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Seeking assistance creating tag-synonym [kingdom-of-norway]

As below, suggesting tag synonyms requires both 1250 rep and an answer score of 5 or more on questions so tagged. As below, my tag synonym suggestion failed today for the reasons described here. ...
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Synonymize [Military] and [Army]

The (once used) tag army seems to be an exact synonym of military. I don't have rep enough yet, so could someone else propose this synonym (with military as the master)? I could just remove army from ...
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