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improving our answers to palaeography questions

For the questions where people have difficulty reading documents, such as this recent request: Deciphering Work Profession from marriage certificate Can we do something to make the answers of more ...
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Answering off-topic and/or bad questions -- what is our stance and recommendation for how to handle?

I've recently observed an off-topic question (maybe -- the jury is still out) being answered and the answer accepted or up-voted; I've seen the same happen with 'bad' questions that ought to be ...
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How strict should we be with Not An Answer flags/closure on new users?

I would like to ask our community a question, using as an example a recent question that I asked, which was answered by a distant cousin of mine, who I have otherwise never had any contact with: When,...
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How should we respond to contact-me-privately and no-work-shown answers?

As a developing site, we're starting to get our first low quality answers. They come in two primary forms: contact-me-privately and no-work-shown. Here's an example of a contact-me-privately answer: ...
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