Is there a way to search for closed questions like you can search for a particular tag? Searching for the word 'closed' yields open questions and I'm not sure catches all the questions with "[closed]" in title. Searching for "[closed]" returns nothing leading me to believe closed is a meta-tag of some sort. Can it be searched for directly?

The answer was provided by @Fortiter and @Luke. Thank you. To find closed questions, search for


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Try searching for closed:1. Information obtained from Find all questions on the Stack Exchange network that have been closed

I have no idea what the value :1 represents; but it seems to work.

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    'closed:1' is simply a convention to indicate a switch; that is to say "closed=yes" and 'closed:0' would indicate questions that are not closed. No, it's not the most obvious nomenclature... designed primarily by technical folks, but so are most power user functions. Commented Oct 30, 2012 at 15:41

Type @ into the search bar. It will give you a list of advanced search options. In it, we find many entries. Here is the most relevant:

questions that have been closed                      closed:1 apples oranges

(or not)                                                              closed:0 apples oranges

Play around with it. It is very helpful for narrowing down search results. I found this by accident one day when I had nothing better to do with my time (okay, maybe I did). But, it has helped me out quite a bit. Especially for gathering statistics.

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