As proposed in Improving the Weekly Chat, we'd like to try something new with the Weekly Genealogy Chat room, which we've re-named as The Conference Room. It appears in the list of chat rooms as Genealogy Conference.

  1. Pick a topic you'd like to chat about.
  2. Post a question here in Meta announcing your topic, and when you'll be available to chat about it. It's probably best to include your local date and time so that we can include a universal time conversion to it.
  3. Alert one of the moderators (via a flag of type Other) so we can tag your question so it will show up in the featured box on the right hand side of the page.
  4. We'll open the room in advance so people who can't make it can leave comments for you before your start time.
  5. Your question will be listed here, as we've done for the Weekly Chats.

If no on-topic chat is running at the moment, users can also use the Conference Room to workshop a problem that they need help with, but don't quite know yet what the right question is to ask. If you end up solving the problem in the process, don't forget to write up a self-answered question so others can benefit from your research.

If you have suggestions on how we can refine or improve this idea, (including a better name for the room) please post answers below. Thanks!

The chat will occur in The Conference Room all week long. You can register yourself to get an alert each week if you like.

The Weekly Chat went on sabbatical for a while in late 2014 to make room for the Weekly Topic Challenge:

An overview and discussion of previous chat topics can be found here:

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I'd like to revive the Monthly Workshop chat as described in Genealogy Chat 1st week of Month | Monthly Workshop for the first week of every month.

The idea behind the Workshop is for people to brainstorm about a problem they might be working on, so that they can clarify which research questions might be productive to ask. It is not intended as a substitute for asking a question or answering one.

After the brainstorming session, if all goes well, it should be easier to write up a good question (and possibly to self-answer it).

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