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Does G&FH SE need two chat rooms?

In 2014 @AmericanLuke asked: Another aspect up for discussion is where we should hold the chat? There is not much chat happening in our main room, Roots. Perhaps we are diluting interest by ...
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The Genealogy Conference: topics for focused chats

As proposed in Improving the Weekly Chat, we'd like to try something new with the Weekly Genealogy Chat room, which we've re-named as The Conference Room. It appears in the list of chat rooms as ...
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discussions in chat -- when to create a new chat room

This morning I was getting into a discussion in the comments about the question Blackstones in DE — what can be inferred from this? so I suggested to @DaveBlackston that we take it to chat. He ...
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problems logging into main site and to chat

For the past three hours or so, I have been unable to log in to G&FH.SE and to the Weekly Genealogy Chat. Now that I've finally been able to log in to G&FH.SE itself, I wanted to document as ...
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Who's interested in a weekly genealogy chat?

Who would be interested in a one hour scheduled chat each week, mostly revolving around a different topic each session? The day and time is yet to be decided, but it should optimally be able to ...
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What form do StackExchange town halls take? When is the best time to hold a StackExchange town hall?

Are town halls just organized sessions in chat, or are we permitted to hold them in an audio forum (GoToWebinar, etc.). Are there rules or best practices? Are some topics off limits? Are there ...
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