Census Records that seem not to exist?

Every genealogist has at least one example of an elusive census record!

Feel free to ask for help on how to locate your most elusive census record from any census in any country. You know, the one you've looked for repeatedly, know must be there somewhere and just cannot find. And, if we are not flooded with questions, by all means feel free to ask about your other elusive census records too!

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Here is a link to previous questions tagged as census-records that may offer ideas about what details to include in your question and the types of answers you may be able to receive.

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  • a Topic Challenge in June 2015
  • Weekly Topic Challenge #5:

using this Meta Q&A:


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During the week the challenge ran, the following questions about Elusive Census Records were asked:

These 4 questions attracted 3 answers (2 have already been accepted) and even though I am the organizer, I think my effort to ask three questions for the second successive week may be worth recognizing:

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The second time this challenge ran, the following question about an elusive Census Records was asked:

It has received 5 votes so far and an answer (that has received 3 votes so far).

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