For our first Topic Challenge of 2015, I am setting one from World War I:

Do you have any ancestors connected to the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps (ANZAC) landing at Gallipoli in Turkey which occurred on 25 April 1915 i.e. the 100th anniversary is now less than 3 weeks away? Feel free to ask questions about their lives before, during and hopefully after the end of World War I. There is now great and lasting friendship and respect between those descended from the ANZACs and the Turkish defenders so it would be fantastic to see questions from both sides engaged in that struggle. And, of course, any World War I questions are always welcome related to any of its events.

A quick search here reveals that to date we have had no questions, and only one answer that mentions Gallipoli.

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After ANZAC Day (25 April) I will tally up the results to see how we did.

After this special challenge, I plan to pose more challenges. We have a few spare challenge topics so I encourage everyone to suggest new ones and vote for which to do next at Vote for the next Topic Challenge!

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During the weeks the challenge ran, the following questions mentioning Gallipoli were asked:

These 2 questions attracted 2 answers (one accepted), both on the same question.

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